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When it comes to using video on your site, the stats speak for themselves. Featuring a video on your landing page, for example, boosts conversions by 80%. Likewise, 92% of people who view your video on a mobile device are likely to share it with others.

Video on Your Website – Some More Impressive Stats

You can use videos on your website in a number of ways, for example:

· To explain a difficult concept

· To demonstrate how a product works

· To promote a product or service

· To give some detail about your company

· To share reviews or testimonials

Generally speaking, having a video on your site makes viewers 64% more likely to buy from you – which is a formidable improvement. If you choose to use video, you’ll be in good company. 96% of B2B companies use video in their marketing campaigns, and of those, 73% report excellent ROI.

But Aren’t Videos Expensive?

Some companies are put off by the cost of making a video – and understandably so. If you’re looking to hire a video production company, complete with professional editing, audio equipment and camera men, it’ll cost a lot!

However, there is another option – and the good news is, it’s a whole lot cheaper. Motion design videos don’t require an extensive team to work on them – instead, all you’ll need is one graphic motion design expert, who should be able to come up with the goods.

Motion Design Videos – What are They?

Quite simply, they’re videos that rely on animation to get the message across. You can use motion video to showcase your brand, create a narrative and ultimately, generate more sales.

A motion video is not as in-depth as a presenter-led video – but it can really help enhance your online presence. Best of all, it can be repurposed to feature in your email campaigns, on your social media and more. It offers great return on investment!

What are the Benefits?

According to Incodo, the average web user spends 19 hours a month watching videos online. Once considered a rare form of marketing, video has stepped into the mainstream, and now, people actively expect to see video content on your website.

Here are some of the advantages of using it:

· You can deliver your message quickly. Rather than trawling through large amounts of text, viewers can access the information in a matter of moments.

· It is tailored to the natural way humans learn. We’re visual learners, and we recollect visual images far more effectively than we do written content.

· It’s powerful. Dynamic images create immediate impact, and if they’re moving, they’ll naturally grab attention.

· It’s shareable. Viewers enjoy visual content, and if it’s good, they’ll share it with others, which increases your reach.

· It can be used again and again. Video content can be easily repurposed, depending on your specific requirements. That means it offers an excellent return on investment over time.

Motion Design Videos in North Yorkshire

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