Site Lock.

Show some teeth and fend off those hackers.

If you’ve got an impressive WordPress site, you’ll want to protect it. Hackers are circling the waters around your website, keen to access your files and data, and the easiest way to fight them off is to invest in Sitelock – the world-leading website security feature.

Peace of mind for an affordable price.

Our range of SiteLock packages ensure that all businesses are well covered, regardless of size or industry. Whatever level of protection you require, our packages do the job perfectly, for a monthly fee that suits your budget.

Malware Scan
Proactively monitors for and alerts you about any malware that is detected on your website.
Automatic malware removal
If a scan finds anything, SiteLock will safely remove any known malware automatically.
Vulnerability Scan
Automatically checks your applications to ensure they're up-to-date and secured against known vulnerabilities.
TrueShield™ Firewall
The TrueShield™ Web Application Firewall protects your website against hackers and attacks.
Protect your reputation
Daily scans help detect malware early before search engines have a chance to find it and blacklist your site.
Fast automated setup
Instant and fully automated setup gives you protection immediately without anything to install.
SiteLock offers an array of incredible features, such as regular vulnerability scanning, notifications if anyone alters one of your files, and an all-important badge of authenticity. Show your customers that you care about their valuable information by protecting your site the clever way.
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