SSL Certificates.

Security and peace of mind for your visitors.

Cast iron
Every customer’s browsing experience should be safe and secure. That’s why it’s vital to have SSL certificates on your site. They protect all sensitive information as it passes through computer networks, ensuring all data is kept away from unscrupulous hackers.

Build trust in your brand.

If your customers trust you, they’ll want to buy from you. Our packages ensure that your site has powerful security features, however large or small your company may be. At an affordable monthly price, it’s a worthwhile investment.

Secure encryption
Keep data safe. All plans come with high (128-256 bit) encryption that ensures transactions and all sensitive information is secure.
Fast issuance
Get secured quickly. An SSL Certificate is typically approved in 4 days or less, with some plans approved in just 10 minutes!
Auto installation
Be up and running in no time. Shark Bait hosted accounts get one-click installation, and sites hosted elsewhere can have our friendly support walk you through the process.
Padlock and site seal
Show customers they're protected. A site seal proves your SSL is in place and the padlock in the browser bar tells customers their information is safe.
Secure all versions of your site
Our SSL Certificates secure both www. and non-www. versions of your site; no need to buy a separate one for each.
Total browser compatibility
Everyone is covered. Certificates are compatible with all major browsers, including those on mobile devices.
The best way
to encrypt
If you’re running an eCommerce site, it needs to be protected, without compromise. Getting an SSL certificate is the most cost-effective way to achieve this, and it also fights off phishing attacks too. When you’re swimming in the online ocean, this is an essential feature to have.
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