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What's in
a name?
We hate to set Shakespeare straight, but when it comes to your business, the right website name is everything. Use our domain-finder service to discover the perfect URL for your new site, then make it yours for as long as you want it. Make it snappy in case someone else grabs it first!


Domain Availability Check

Got your heart set on a particular URL? See if it’s available here.

Why a Shark Bait domain?

We not only offer competitive prices on some appealing domain names, but we’ll make sure that your URL stays yours for a lifetime (if you want it). Our great domain services make it easy to fight off the other sharks.

ID protection
Protect your personal information and reduce the amount of spam to your inbox by enabling ID Protection.
DNS host record management
You could say we’re a bit WordPress obsessed. But when you see the potential that the platform offers businesses, it’s hardly surprising.
Email forwarding
Get emails forwarded to alternate email addresses of your choice so that you can monitor all from a single account.
Stuck for ideas? That’s another way we can help you. Our team are used to helping companies with their branding, and will get stuck in with identifying the perfect domain name for your business. We’ll also come up with a range of options for you to choose from.
Do you want to find out more about setting up a new website, getting a fresh domain or polishing your brand? If so, get in touch today. We don’t bite, we promise…
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