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Finding the right web designer for your business is a tricky task – there’s certainly a lot of us about! The main priority for companies is to locate a web designer that offers the ideal blend of high-quality work at a price that suits – but how do you go about finding them?

Here’s a list of the key questions you need to ask your web designer, to ensure you find the right team for the job.

What to Ask Your Web Designer

1. Can I see examples of your past work? The proof, as they say, is in the pudding. Anyone can say they’re a great web developer, but without actually being able to produce evidence, how can you tell? Look for a designer that’s happy to display his latest work – and don’t just be taken in by slick appearances either. Remember, the site also needs to be fully functional, well laid-out and SEO optimised.

2. Do you have any testimonials? Again, a great web designer will always be willing to share great feedback from past clients. If they’ve managed to please customers in the past, it’s a good sign.

3. What can you offer me within my budget? Forget about trying to find the cheapest possible web designer. Generally speaking, this results in shoddy work – which won’t reflect well on your business. However, that doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune to get the site you want. A good web designer will work within your budget, and aim to meet as many of your requirements as possible within it.

4. How will you make sure my site performs well? Always check that your web designer is happy to optimise your site – as this will lay the foundations for good SEO results in the future. They should have an in-depth understanding of how to create an SEO-friendly site that is easy to navigate.

5. What happens if something goes wrong with the site? Most websites run perfectly well 99.99% of the time, but every so often, something may go wrong. What will your web designer do if this happens? Are they on the other end of the phone, ready to address the issue immediately? What support and after-care do they offer? It’s important to find out, or risk getting left high-and-dry!

6. How much will the hosting, domain-name renewal and management cost? Remember, there are other costs involved with running a website. It will need to be hosted, and every year or so, you’ll need to renew the domain name. You may also choose to pay for site management. Find out exactly how much you can expect to pay before committing to anything.

7. Can you assist with any other aspect of my online business? Finding a good web designer is a good start. It’s an added bonus if they’re able to support you with other aspects of running your business, such as social media marketing, graphic design or site security. Find out what other services they offer – as they may be able to do you a deal on a more comprehensive package.


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