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Your website speaks volumes about your business. Get it right, and you’ll get plenty of custom from it. However, get the look or content wrong, and it’ll turn customers off.

Not sure what sort of website your business needs? Here’s a handy quiz to help you find out.

What Website? A Quiz

1) You want your customers to see your business as:

a) Fun and friendly

b) Dynamic and forward-thinking

c) Slick and professional

d) You haven’t got a clue.

2) When browsing your site, you want your customers to be:

a. Blown away by the entertaining content

b. Impressed at how up-to-date your website is

c. Wowed by your professionalism and authority

d. Erm…buying something? Maybe?

3) You want a colour palette that:

a. Reflects your funky vibes

b. Is modern and fresh

c. Showcases your traditional, reliable values

d. Looks nice?

4) When it comes to add-ons and other web features, you want:

a. Something fun! If it gets customers playing, it’s all good

b. The latest add-ons, without compromise

c. Something that makes the browsing experience more streamlined

d. What’s an add-on?

5) How should people get in touch with you?

a. Via your super-playful questionnaire form

b. In the fastest way possible

c. A good old contact form will do the job just fine

d. Any which way they can!

6) What sort of images do you want?

a. Something bright, bold and eye-catching

b. Something no-one else has got. Stock images are a no-no

c. Something professional and trust-building

d. Your latest holiday snaps. Well, maybe not.

7) You think that web design should be:

a. All about getting people interacting with your brand

b. Industry-leading and ground-breaking

c. A reflection of your reliability and reputation

d. All about making your business look pretty online


Mostly A’s

Your fun business needs a website that reflects your playful brand. We’re talking light-hearted, lively and luscious to look at; with bright visuals and plenty of witty, engaging written content.

Mostly B’s

You’re the innovative type, and your website needs to convey this. It should be modern, on-trend and have some impressive features that tell the world you’re focused on the future.

Mostly C’s

Your professional reputation is everything, so you need a site that reflects this. It should perform flawlessly every time, with strong branding throughout and authoritative, useful content.

Mostly D’s

Ah. You’re not really too sure what you want, are you? Call the experts. Do it. Do it now.

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Regardless of what sort of website you’re looking for, we can help. Our team of professional web designers have worked with numerous companies over the years; from vibrant start-ups to established international brands, and our focus is on delivering exactly what you’re looking for (or identifying what you’re looking for if you’re not sure!).

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