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Thinking of getting a new website? These days, there are a few options on offer. You could contact a local web design company, which is the traditional route. Or, you could go online and locate a freelance web designer. Each route has its own distinct advantages – so which one is right for you?

If you’re unsure, here’s a quite run-through to help you.

Web Design Company

A web design company generally consists of a group of individuals with specialist skills in the industry. They’ll probably have qualifications in the subject, and no doubt will have plenty of experience (and past clients) under their belt.

It’s relatively easy to spot a genuine web design company. They’ll have a listed office address on their website, and they’ll be easily contactable by professional email address, landline phone or even in person. They’ll also be happy to arrange a meeting in their office.

The Advantages of a Web Design Company

With a web design company, you’ll enjoy one very valuable thing. Peace of mind. Select a web design company with proven credentials and good client feedback, and you can be relatively confident that you’re going to get good results.

You’ll also enjoy the benefits of their full attention. Unlike a freelancer (who often works strange hours and will have other clients to juggle), you’ll probably be assigned a designer, who will oversee your entire project, and keep you regularly updated. And of course, if you’re not 100% happy with the results, you know that your web design company will work with you to amend where necessary – they certainly won’t disappear into thin air, as it could damage their reputation!

The Benefits of a Freelance Web Designer

The main advantage is cost. You’re likely to pay a little less for a freelance designer, and in many cases, you may still get a good result. There are plenty of excellent freelancers out there. However, the big issue is risk. A freelancer is unable to offer the same level of work guarantees as a company, and it’s a lot easier for them to do a runner if you’re not happy.

However, freelancers are ideal for certain types of job. For example, if you want a photo edited for your site – a freelance designer will be perfectly positioned to help you with this, and you’ll save money by adopting this route.

Which Should You Choose?

Of course, we admit we’re a little biased – though we think many freelancers do a good job and should be commended for their level of skill and their work ethic.

As a general rule though, we’d recommend a registered company for any large-scale work. After all, designing a website is of paramount importance for your brand, and as a result, it’s worth investing in. A web design company will often have years of experience in the field, and know exactly how to deliver a website for your needs, in an efficient, cost-effective way. They’re also likely to have additional services on offer, such as graphic design, copywriting and marketing – which saves you the hassle of having to shop around for other professionals to help you.

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