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You’ve got visitors to your website. They’re browsing your pages. So how come they’re not buying anything?

This frustrating problem is suffered by countless businesses around the world. Thankfully, there is a solution, and all it involves is some understanding about your customers and what makes them tick. Here’s some insight to help you.

Why They Aren’t Buying – and How to Rectify the Situation

1. You haven’t shared enough information. Here’s a scenario for you. Mr X is looking for a particular power tool. He knows pretty much exactly what he’s looking for. The product on your site seems to be the right thing, but he’s not sure. Do you know why? Because you haven’t included enough relevant information about it!

The solution? Think like a customer, and include all the information they’ll require to make a buying decision. Simple, but effective.

2.  You haven’t given them any reason to buy. Another scenario. Miss Y loves the look of the laptop on your site. However, she’s still not convinced, because there’s nothing in the description that inspires her to buy.

The solution? Sell in the benefits! Make sure your customers know what’s great about your products and services. This doesn’t mean gloating; but it does mean being open and enthusiastic about what makes your company and products stand out.

3. You haven’t made it easy for them. Mr Z is keen to buy from your site, but when he clicks on the checkout button, he’s confronted with a long-winded payment process. It puts him off, and he swiftly logs on to another site.

The solution? Your payment process should be as simple as possible, and involve as few steps as you can get away with. Don’t ask for details that you don’t actually need. Make p&p charges transparent, right from the start. And use call-to-action buttons to actively drive them through to making a purchase.

4. Your photo is dreadful. So many great products are marred by awful photos. Mrs W was considering getting your summer dress, but the photo was a bit blurry and didn’t really show any detail. So, she changed her mind.

The solution? If you’re serious about selling online, invest in the services of a professional photographer, who will show your items off in the best possible light. Whatever you do, don’t use photographs you’ve taken yourself (unless of course, you’re an expert photographer with the right equipment). The same applies for photos of your team.

5. Your page layout is confusing. Mr V is keen to buy a printer from your site. However, he finds the page too confusing to look at. There’s information squeezed into every corner, distracting ads running down the side of the page and countless needless photos of the product.

The solution? When it comes to selling, clean and simple is always best. There’s a temptation to squeeze as much information as you can on to the page, but this is often hard to read, which puts people off buying.

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