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If a logo is good, it’ll be memorable. If it’s fantastic, it’ll forever be associated with your brand – and your brand alone. Companies like Nike, Apple and McDonalds have nailed their logo to perfection; and you only have to see a ‘swoosh’, an apple with a bite out of it, or the famous ‘golden arches’ to think of their company and their products.

Creating the Perfect Logo

Every company wants the perfect logo for their brand. The big question is – how can you get it? A good logo designer can certainly help. However, before getting into discussion with your logo designer, it’s a shrewd move to develop a few ideas of your own.

Think about the following:

· Shape. Believe it or not, all shapes evoke psychological connotations. The famous Nike tick shoots upwards, and symbolises the ambitious, driven dynamic of the brand. Starbucks uses a circle, which is associated with unity and togetherness. Microsoft’s geometric squares create a sense of balance and reliability. When deciding on a shape, think about what you want it to say about your business.

· Colour. Colours also tend to evoke strong emotional response. Red is exciting and immediate, but can also be associated with danger. Green is often used with natural or organic brands. Blue creates a sense of calm and balance, but navy blue is often used in corporate branding. Work out what you want your customers to feel when they look at your logo, and use the appropriate colours accordingly.

· Font. Of course, many logos choose not to feature lettering at all – and this can be powerful when you’re already an established brand. However, for smaller companies, featuring your brand name is probably a wise idea, until people have a better idea of who you are. Curvy fonts are often used to create a laid-back, happy vibe (think of Coca-Cola’s famous logo) and strong, straight fonts tend to look more business-like.

· Complexity. Often, the best logos are devastatingly simple. The BBC, for example, simply features three letters, each encased in a black box. Your logo doesn’t necessarily have to be so basic, though. Some companies choose to have more complex logos – and that’s fine, if it works for your business. When deciding, always consider how well the design will translate on different marketing collateral. If it’s too complex, it may not look very good on a business card, for example.

· Representation. Above all else, your logo should represent your brand, and should give an indication of what you do. This doesn’t have to be literal. For example, Amazon uses a subtle arrow; which links the ‘A’ to the ‘Z’. It’s a subtle detail, but cleverly illustrates that they deliver everything – from A to Z! It also looks like a smile – another subtle but ingenious detail.

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