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Do you find social media a bit of a nightmare? Getting people to follow your business on Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms isn’t always the easiest task – especially if you’re limited on time.

If you’re struggling to get followers on social media, here’s some useful tips to move your business forward.

Tips to Get More Followers on Social Media

1. Link to your social media accounts. Having social media buttons on your website will certainly help. However, it doesn’t have to end there. Make sure you include links on emails and newsletters – preferably including incentives for people to like your page. Also, remember to cross-link. Tweet about your Facebook page and vice versa!

2. Ask for retweets and shares. Don’t be afraid to approach influencers in your industry, and ask them to share your details, in exchange for something (for example, a free guest post on their site). Some may say no – but equally, others may take you up on your offer, which extends your reach significantly.

3. Use hashtags. This is especially the case on Twitter. People use hashtags to search for certain terms, and if you’ve hashtagged your posts well, it means you’ll come up in their search results.

4. Interact with others. Remember, social media isn’t just about gaining loads of followers; it’s about turning them into meaningful contacts, and eventually, loyal customers. Reply to comments, reach out to people and interact with their posts – and focus on quality… not quantity.

5. Hold a competition. Competitions are the most common reason people like a page online. Of course, you don’t want to constantly hold contests, but the occasional giveaway event can really boost numbers of followers.

6. Use Hootsuite. Social media organisation sites, such as Hootsuite, are invaluable if time is short. You can use them to pre-programme in tweets and posts – which saves you having to log on several times during the day. However, remember that it’s still important to interact personally!

7. Share good content. Make it your business to share high quality content – as this tends to be what people will actively share with others. The more shares your posts generate, the more people you reach; which in turn, increases the number of followers you’ll get.

8. Share photos. Humans respond more powerfully to visual stimulus, so it makes sense to use photos in your posts wherever you possibly can. Videos are also shared more regularly.

9. Respond to negative comments. As a business, you may get negative comments from time to time. Make sure you respond to them politely and in a timely manner. Your other followers will judge you based on your response; and it’s your chance to reassure them and reinforce your good brand image.

10. Measure results. Remember, social media is more than just numbers. Having a good analytics tool in place will help you keep tabs on the number of people visiting your site from social media platforms; and most importantly, how many of them convert into buyers.

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