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There’s no doubt about it – social media is a formidable business tool. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn provide direct access to an audience of thousands, and best of all, you don’t need to pay a penny to benefit from it.

That’s not to say social media is always easy, though. In fact, it takes skill, time and effort to use it properly. Some businesses choose to work with social media experts, to free up their time for other jobs. However, if you’re keen to take on the task yourself, here’s a few top tips to help you.

Five Great Ways to Boost Social Engagement

· Be consistent. It’s a good idea to post regularly (once a day for most social media sites, more for Twitter). Keep your brand voice consistent, as this builds a sense of trust. You don’t have to be too rigid with it, but sometimes it helps to establish a routine too; for example, posting a link to your blog post every Wednesday, or posting a photo of the team every Monday morning. Customers like this, as it builds a sense of expectation!

· Get networking. Social media sites are filled with networking groups – and often, they’re industry-specific. Join as many as possible and start conversations. Yes, some may be your direct competitors, but it’s amazing how many people find valuable connections on social media, who are happy to recommend you to others.

· Be engaging. Social media isn’t a one-way conversation. To reap the full benefits, you’ll need to talk to people! When posting, use questions to engage your audience, and when they get in touch, make sure to reply in a timely manner. You can set up email notifications to alert you when people contact you, which ensures you don’t miss anything.

· Use photos and videos. Research clearly demonstrates that videos and photos get far more attention online than plain-text posts. Of course, it’s perfectly acceptable to post text-only updates from time to time, but wherever possible, include some visual stimulus, as it’s far more likely to be viewed and shared.

· Run competitions. Social media is the perfect platform for competitions. It’s also likely that your competition post will be shared with others, which significantly boosts your reach. It’s important to make the contest as appealing as possible; but this doesn’t necessarily mean blowing lots of cash on a major prize. A creative competition often appeals to customers (for example, finding something hidden on your website, or designing a new logo).

· Keep focus. If time is short, it’s more effective to focus on one social media site, rather than trying to manage them all. Choose wisely, as some sites are better suited to your business than others. For example, if you run a graphic design company or photography studio, Instagram is ideal. If you’re a legal firm, LinkedIn might be a better option. If you’re unsure, do your homework and find out what sites your competitors are using.

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