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You’ve probably heard the phrase ‘an image is worth a thousand words’. When it comes to your company logo, that’s certainly true. Your logo has got a hefty burden of responsibility upon it. It needs to reflect the essence of your business. It needs to reassure people that you’re professional and reliable. It needs to entice people to find out more. And, it needs to get your business message across, without saying a word.

It’s a pretty tall order, isn’t it?

Getting the Best from Your Business Logo

When you put it in those terms, you can really understand just how important it is to get your company logo right. If it sends out the wrong message about your company, it could have a detrimental impact, putting customers off your brand and even losing you sales.

However, the big question is – just how do you go about getting the best from your company logo? And how can you ensure that it’s performing well for your business? Here’s a few tips to help.

Logo Design – Things to Think About

1. Is it modern? This doesn’t mean it has to look futuristic (unless, of course, you want it to). In fact, many of the best logos around today have a very retro feel. However, it needs to appeal to a modern audience. This doesn’t mean that you should simply follow the current trends, unless of course, your business has a naturally short shelf-life. It’s a difficult thing to get right, but you need to create the perfect balance between timeless appeal and modern relevance.

2. Does it reflect your brand? You might love guinea pigs with a passion. But unless a picture of a guinea pig relates in some way to your business, we’d advise against using it as a logo. Your logo needs to reflect in some way what your company is about. This doesn’t necessarily need to be literal. For example, Nike don’t have a pair of running shoes as their logo, but what they do have is the famous ‘tick’. This tick represents movement, power and, of course, ‘just doing it’. In short, it encapsulates their brand perfectly.

3. Is it professional? Here’s where an expert logo designer is really worth their weight in gold. If your logo looks in any way unprofessional (in terms of design, presentation or resolution) it won’t reflect at all well on your company. You need to establish yourself as trustworthy, professional and entirely credible in every way.

4. Is it readable? Yes, a logo should certainly be visually appealing. However, if it becomes too complicated it loses its readability, which will inevitably have people scratching their heads over it. When customers view your logo, they need to ‘get it’ straight away, preferably in a second or less. Remember this old, but very true phrase – ‘less is more’!

5. Is it memorable? If your logo is memorable, it’s that much more likely that your brand will stick in your customers’ minds. The best logos are instantly associated with their businesses. Think of the colour combination of bright red and yellow. What business do you think of? Probably McDonalds. You know you’ve created a truly powerful logo when people associate you with just two colours!

Creating Powerful Business Logos

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