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When it comes to blogging, we’ve heard all the excuses under the sun. We know, we know. You haven’t got time. You can’t think of anything to write. You’re worried about your spelling and grammar. However, whatever reason you’ve got, you still shouldn’t let it stand in the way of creating a solid, regularly updated blog. (Remember, you can always hire someone to help you!).

6 Reasons to Get Blogging Today

· It gets people to your site. Driving traffic to your website is always a bit of a mission. However, a blog makes it that much easier. Simply post a link to your blog via social media and bob’s your uncle, they’ll be coming through to your site in droves. It really is that simple.

· It converts casual interest into an active sale. You know that swishy new product you’ve just got in? The one that you’re ready to tell the world all about? Well, the easiest way to shout about it from the rooftops is to blog about it. Customers, intrigued by your blog post, then click through to the product page, and before they know it, their finger has slipped down to the ‘buy it now’ button. Hooray!

· It cements your brand. A well-written blog can do more than drive sales, it can also enhance your brand. It gives your company the opportunity to air its voice – to express its ethos and share its values and goals with its target audience. Put simply, it’s a golden opportunity to add value to your brand and build some serious trust.

· It lets people know you’re an expert. If there’s one thing customers like to see, it’s a business that knows what it’s talking about. If you’re an expert in your field, then it’s time to make sure your customers know it – and what better way to emphasise your knowledge than through an informative, engaging blog post? Think about how your know-how can genuinely help your customers, then use it as often as possible. Trust us, they’ll thank you for it.

· It helps with SEO. Google’s algorithms are something of a dark art (i.e. even we SEO experts can only hazard a guess at times), but one thing is certain – the search engines love fresh content. And the easiest way to add new content on to your website? Yes, you guessed it… it’s a blog!

· It provides interest. Sometimes, websites can appear a little ‘dry’ – and this is particularly the case if you run a corporate-style business. A well-written blog provides customers with some much-needed relief – a chance to find out more about your industry in a thought-provoking, engaging way.

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